Experior Advertising Shares 3 Top Reads for Motivation

Reading is one of the best and successful habits you can develop. “Studies show that reading at least 10 minutes per day helps our brain get developed and creative in different ways. At Experior Advertising, we challenged our representatives to find a good read related to the genre of inspiration and motivational purposes. We then gathered together to see which one of these books would be the best for all of us read,” says Ethan Johnston, managing director of Experior Advertising. It’s imperative that we keep our mind active and are finding new ways of keeping yourself motivated. These three inspirational reads we found are great. “Motivational reads are there for a purpose. It’s to help us boost our energy and understand our purpose in different ways,” says Ethan Johnston of Experior Advertising. Experior hopes that you find these reads are fantastic and as helpful as we did, here they are:


10% Entrepreneur by Patrick J. McGinnis


This read talks about building your startup. Everyone has a vision, but putting it to life requires creativity and work. It means you’re taking a chance and taking a chance requires ideas. McGinnis, the author, write to devote at least 10% of your time towards going after what your passion is. He also talks about brilliant ways to balance financial resources and invest in a smart direction. According to the author, once you develop a plan and follow it one-by-one, you’ll reach your dream in no time.


Find Your Extraordinary by Jessica DiLullo Herrin


Jessica DiLullo Herrin became wealthy through WeddingChannel.com, a full-service bridal website. She is known for her well-off companies and has some words of advice to share with us. Her story is unique but still similar to many successful individuals. By following strong principles and diligence, you’ll reach your dream. It’s you that creates your future career, no one else.


The Power of Being Broke by Daymond John/Daniel Paisner


The author talks about how being broke pushes you to make the most of what you have. It should also make you smarter when it comes to saving and investing. The main thing is to invest in yourself and make certain that you follow your own rules. After reading this book we were really inspired to take our future into our own hands and loved it at Experior Advertising.


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