Experior Advertising Shares 3 Strategies to Relax & Reduce Stress

When individuals are continuously busy, and in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle, it can be hard to manage stress. The root cause of tension, as we know, comes to be an irregularity between personal and professional situations. “The root of stress is realizing that you are stressed in the first place and then taking action to resolve what’s causing it,” mentions Ethan Johnston, Managing Director of Experior Advertising. At Experior Advertising we know that it’s easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed when you’re in the business world, or for that matter, any field. The atmosphere, perks, incentives, and travel are fantastic. However, certain individuals can’t help but feel a strain in their mind. Due to our experience and strategies in combating this, we’ve come up with three strategies to ease, relax and reduce stress through some simple yet effective techniques.


From time-to-time, remember how important it is to unwind and lay back. When you’re working overtime, and beyond that 9-5 hour, it’s important to take a breather. These strategies Experior Advertising has come up with have been implemented to try with our team. They also feel that these are great and helpful ways to combat this issue. “At the end of the day, we want everyone in our firm to feel great about coming in, nothing should stress to a level where you can’t come through at work,” says Ethan Johnston of Experior Advertising.


Quiet the Mind


Research has shown that finding a silent, peaceful place and getting comfortable there is something that helps ease your mind. The practice of quieting the mind will help you look after yourself and take care of yourself mentally. Next time, try setting a timer for 10-15 mins, and step away into a quiet place and relax. “I’ve personally tried this technique, and I know it’s true to work as it says it will,” says Ethan Johnston of Experior Advertising.


Take a Break


Many times individuals don’t understand how important it is to just breath. It may seem challenging to step back from a project or stressful situation because your mind is trained to work through whatever you’re doing and push through. However, once you let yourself step away for a moment, breath deeply you will instantly feel a specific weight being lifted off your shoulders.




Very cliche, but we know that this works! Research has shown that working out and exercising at least a little bit everyday releases endorphins that diminishes stress. Being able to let out the bad energy by running or lifting weights that instantly put you in a better mood.

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